Russian Salon Dog Club of America Club Member List

Become an RSDCA Member

You will have the opportunity to socialize and communicate with breeders, judges, Russian Salon Dog lovers, and fanciers.
You will be given the chance to participate in the many future projects that the club has planned to further the development and advancement of the Russian Salon Dog in the United States. The possibility of giving back to the breed by being involved in exhibitions, shows, meet the breeds, or local events where you can introduce the Russian Salon Dog to the general public.
Above all, you have the opportunity to influence the preservation and integrity of our breed, by being involved in the development and voicing your opinions as a club member.

Click on “Email” to send an email to the club member.

  1. Elena Sevalneva, Moscow – Email
  2. Jared & Karen Hansen, Dolores Email
  3. Randy & Dale Johnson, Berkeley Lake – Email
  4. Lynn Meyer, Jerseyville, Email
  5. Olga Larina, Moscow – Email
  6. Olga Shalasheva, Moscow – Email
  7. Olga Andreeva, Moscow – Email
  8. Elena Grischkova, Moscow & Istanbul, Email
  9. Irina Kharizina, Moscow – Email
  10. Vera Shustova, Moscow – Email
  11. Olga Gostroverhova, Moscow – Email
  12. Michele Lyons, Denver – Email
  13. Yulia Lakatosh, Moscow – Email
  14. LaVon Oeth Euler, Martinsville – Email
  15. Daria Belinka, Moscow –  Email
  16. Oksana Smirnova, Nizhny Novgorod – Email
  17. Elena Lebedkina, Chelyabinsk – Email
  18. Svetlana Burduzha, Moscow – Email
  19. Mary Valles, Andrews – Email
  20. Lynn McKee, Lake Stevens – Email
  21. Ginger Brooks, Nashville – Email
  22. MeLinda Beasley Northrup, Taylorsville – Email